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Our Mission:

generation – all of us
efficiency – doing things right, being effective

We are generation efficiency. When it comes to energy efficiency, we want to do the right thing by innovating and being responsible. We actively live by this principle through our everyday work, applying our concept of "people, systems, and technology" to energy management and optimization for processes and facilities.


August 20, 2014
geff Expands Across the Atlantic
generation efficiency now on the ground in the United States – combining German energy efficiency expertise with American ingenuity

July 2014

Michigan Energy Fair

geff and Airleader US making a splash at the 2014 Michigan Energy Fair

Michigan has long been considered the heart of the American automotive industry and boasts a proud history of manufacturing.


What we do:

We offer our clients intelligent, modular solutions for their facility equipment and infrastructure needs. Through the application of our national and international engineering expertise in the building technologies space, we offer a multitude of modular services (called geff Tools), which we can use to reach and guarantee maximum energy efficiency.

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Case Studies

US geff charts Telekom US geff charts Auto US geff charts Med

Financial Support for Energy Efficiency

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About us:

We provide energy efficiency-focused consulting and project management services for building technologies, production processes, and infrastructure challenges. Through our network of geff Partners and our branded services, we bring local and international licensed experts to you from under one brand to cover all of your energy efficiency-related needs – from planning & installation to maintenance & operation.

geff explains

geff explains